How to JoinJunior class

New beginners to Han Tae Kwon Do are always welcome. Please come along to the gym on any of the timetabled classes where you will be given some initial instruction on what to expect.

If possible please turn up slightly earlier than the proposed start time. This will give you time to discuss your training needs and give you some time to change. We have both male and female changing facilites.

Please do not worry about your current state of fitness or flexibilty as your training can be adapted to help you improve these areas quickly.

And remember to have fun and that everybody there had a first day!

What to wearexpert tuition

For your first time wear loose fitting trousers or shorts and a T-shirt. If you have any suitable trousers from an other martial art please feel free to wear these.

Please do not wear any jewellery or watches. These can catch and lead to injuries to yourself or to other students.

Tae Kwon Do shoes can be worn but we prefer bare feet.


We offer a daily or monthly subscriptions. This really depends on how often you plan to train. Your instructor will be happy to discuss the options when you arrive.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.